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What is your candidate’s stance on immigration reform?

May 6, 2015 By: Rachel Einbund - 43 Comments

The candidates for the 2016 presidency are lining up! Here is a brief synopsis on where each potential candidate stands in terms of immigration issues:


HILLARY CLINTON: Clinton is in support of comprehensive immigration reform that includes “nothing less than a full and equal path to citizenship.” Deport felons, not families. She believes illegal immigrants deserve to be conditionally legalized as long as they pay fines, pay back taxes, and learn English.

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BERNIE SANDERS: Sanders wants to reform the outdated immigration system as a way to increase the nation’s prosperity. He is committed to creating employment for legal residents ages 16-24. He is opposed to the Guest Worker program because it takes away jobs from America’s youth.

MARTIN O’MALLEY: O’Malley emphasizes fairness and human dignity, thinking about the extreme violence, poverty, and societal conditions that cause immigrants to flee their own countries. He sees the undocumented children as CHILDREN, and believes we should be guided by our morals.

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JIM WEBB: Webb focuses on national defense, executive overreach, economic fairness and social justice. After the border is secured and there is workplace enforcement, he wants to raise minimum wage and allow a path to citizenship.



TED CRUZ: Cruz supports legal immigration and was against immigration reform. He now says that once the border is secure he is open to a path to legalization.

RAND PAUL: Paul is in favor of immigration reform if it is done correctly. The undocumented people living in the US aren’t going anywhere, and we can integrate them into society by providing them with work visas and having them pay taxes.

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MARCO RUBIO: If the border was secured and the immigration system updated, Rubio would be in favor of non-immigrant non-permanent work visas. However, he stands by his conviction that “There is no right to illegally immigrate anywhere in the world.”

BEN CARSON: Carson wants to secure the southern border and create guest worker programs like Canada has, allowing illegal immigrants to “pay taxes, receive benefits, and come and go without infringing on anyone’s rights.”

CARLY FIORINA: Fiorina believes border security is the first priority. After that, she would support a path to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants if they graduate college or serve in the military.
*It is important to stay abreast of your candidate’s viewpoints. Check back soon for more immigration-related candidacy updates.